What can we offer you?

Our services may include the following steps:

Mapping customer’s requirements
Planning customer’s activities
Completing technical drawings and blueprints using CAD
Simulating the future installation in 3D
Producing a prototype
Actual production
Delivery planning
Transportation to final destinations at retail sites
Dismantling of the out-dated, previous POS-furniture
Installation of the new
After-sale service
Manufacturer’s guarantee for 2 years
Full-service tailor-made turn-key b2b furniture solutions

Installation process:

  • Transporting of the new furniture to the site
  • Dismantling of the out-dated furniture
  • Installation of the new furniture

Performed with minimum effect on ongoing sales activities at the site

We can offer solutions on different scales:

  • Just a display
  • A Gondola-furniture
  • A Shop-in-shop
  • An Entire POS
  • Entire retail chain